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7 minute retraction…

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I have a new blog friend. She doesn’t know it yet, but she commented on my last post, so I blog stalked her. And I liked her. So hi Erat Hora!!! Hi!!! (obnoxious, socially awkward wave inserted here)

Anyway… I bring up Erat Hora because she gave me a few suggestions for this winter weather. And they looked like fun! I mean, like I could really get up the gumption to enjoy the cold, wet, snow again. And I did.

Here are her suggestions:

Blanket forts in the living room, building snowmen, make make-shift snoeshoes, make maple-syrup candy, any candy and       have it cool in the snow, Are you in the country? Can Simeon “write his name in the snow?” (if that wouldn’t encourage behaviors you’re trying to squelch…) movies, popcorn, make a bird feeder with peanut butter on a pinecone, tracking, PJ day, make a toy/instrument with random things (google cabasa–you can use key chains), use food dye colored water in a spray bottle to write/draw in the snow–you can graffitti everything and it melts!, use sand toys to build castles and forts outside.

Awesome ideas, right? Snowmen would mean I have to touch the snow. Even with double layer gloves and plastic bags this is un pleasant. And it’s all slushy now. So no.

We already make cupcakes this morning, so maybe we’ll try candy tomorrow. Though I hear we’re warming up a bit (thank the Lord).

Our yard has some awesome bird watching, but alas, no pinecones. Go figure. Tree weed capital of the world and all we have is hardwoods. Poor pitiful us.

PJ day is everyday here. Only in the summer, we wear less PJ’s. I miss it. So many layers. And I’m still cold. boo.

But, she had me at food coloring graffiti. Yes! That’s my speed.

I’m not a hoarder, but I organize like one. I knew somewhere in my closet I had spray bottles. I found two. So we made red and blue water. I bundled Simeon up. I showed him how to do it. I shoved him out the back door and shut it quickly. I gave a little wave and yelled through the glass for him to try.

He did. He was so “besided!!!” He covered the deck. He mixed the colors. He loved it.

For seven minutes.

Then he said he was cold. So he dumped out the water and stomped blue and red ice all over the dining room. Awesome.

For seven minutes we enjoyed winter again. Now we’re done. We would like spring back.

Thank you. And goodnight.


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  1. Snow graffiti!!! That sounds like fun! I’d never heard of that before… Then again, I live in Texas and we usually only have snow on the ground for about 2 days out of the year. I’m gonna have to try that if I have little ones in the house the next time it snows! (Well, more like let THEM try it. I prefer to enjoy the snow wrapped up under a blanket in the heated house 🙂

  2. Ha! I stalked her too wondering what Erat Hora meant….

  3. Yesterday I had 4 teens and two younger ones in my house. They built a HUGE blanket fort in the living room and school room while I painted my room upstairs, completely unbothered by anyone. It was pure bliss.

    I moved a bunch of furniture around in different rooms, also.

    Side note…cabin fever and boredom can lead to doing stupid things like…eyebrow waxing! Ouch!

  4. Awww, you two make me blush like a school girl. You liked my blog.

    Awkwardly waves back—hi new friends!

    And, I feel SO SPECIAL–here’s a recipe for Maple Syrup Candy.

    With a friend, broomball is good–use a broom & ball. Play some version of soccer or whatever. Snow bowling–You can use 2Liter bottles for pins. I’ll see if I come up with any other good ones tonight!

    I’m with you–I’m ready for spring, too. But, since it’s not here yet (especially for us) I can just pass on some Northerner snow advice.


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