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Be kind, please rewind.

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So Simeon has been waffling between awesome and awful. I can dig it.

Christmas is over. Cordelia’s gone. Leo’s back to work. And the list goes on.

Last night he wanted to fight before bed. Literally. I got a one, two punch in the leg. So, instead of continuing, I told him to grab his boots and coat. We were going for a walk!

It was dark. It was cold. But it felt good to burn off some of the steam I was feeling. It looked like it was going to work for him too, but in the end, Leo had to hold him while he screamed and raged. C’est la vie.

Tonight looked very much like last night. Except this time, I left Leo to it and I took a bubble bath. Apparently, while I was soaking Leo decided to try letting Simeon have a mulligan.

After getting out of bed for the 1896th time, Leo said “I think we forgot to brush your teeth! Want to do that now?” And so they did. Then they completed the bed time routine as it should have gone the first time around. It was as if the past hour had been recorded over. Amazing!

Props to Leo for thinking on his feet, for staying calm (as if that’s ever been a problem), for not diving head first out the window and making a run for it (maybe I’m the only one who fantasizes that one), for being gracious enough to allow me a chance to drown my day in a steamy bath while he battled on.

On another note, we meet Simeon’s new therapist later this week. I’m hoping to learn from her. I’ll keep you posted.


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  1. how did the eval go?


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