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Christmas Eve. Sweet.

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We’re at the farm tonight and the first half of tomorrow.

We arrived early today and went for a family walk around the whole 50 acres. It has been a perfectly beautiful day for a walk in the woods. We saw lots of cows, examined many kinds of scat (the highlight of the walk for Simeon), climbed trees, crossed the creek and laughed. Leo and I kissed ‘neath the tree we married under. Simeon wiggled his way between us for a hug.

We played pasture golf. Then Mama and I sat on the porch and talked while Simeon napped and the men played more golf.

We fixed supper. We ate well. We drank a gallon of sweet tea. We all got new pajamas. We played games. We read The Night Before Christmas.

And now I’m snuggled up in my big bed at Mama’s house waiting for Simeon to fall asleep so we can continue our heated game of phase 10.

This has been one of the sweetest Eve’s yet. Slow. Fun. Warm. Bright.

We miss Cordelia. A lot. This makes me miss Zeb, too. He was the toddler we had this time last year.

Even though this Christmas is very different from the last. And looks very different than we expected. I’m blessed. Richly blessed. Abundantly so. I hope your holiday is full blessing, too.

Happy Christmas friends.


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  1. Sounds absolutely wonderful. Merry Christmas!! (Sorry to be a day late)


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