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Just got a call for kids

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They are most likely not coming. I was very vague with my no.

I hate saying no to children who need a home. I’m no good at it.

Luckily our intake workers are good at reading through my fumbly, mumbly no-maybe-yes-probably not-better not-unless…

Still, if no one is readily available, we’re on the list.

And we’re definitely open for two as of the week after Christmas. That’s just how we roll. It’s hard to say no to a child who needs a home… especially at Christmas.


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  1. It is soooo hard to have clear boundaries in saying a firm” NO” when placement workers call us…I am always looking to find a way to say “yes” cuz I feel bad saying no. At our recent foster parent holiday dinner we were approached about a 3 month old (the sibling to the 18 mo and 4 yo girls we said no to on National Adoption Day!!!!! The other Mother is steadfast and clear headed: a big fat NO until January! I wish I had her firm convictions: I’m as firm as jello.

  2. I had to say no last night too. It was for a three year old little boy and his 10 month old brother. And oh how I would have enjoyed having babies in the house again. But the intake worker had forgotten where we live and these boys are from about an hour away. It would have been almost impossible to handle the 2x a week visits. I wouldn’t have gotten to see any of the rest of my family. So, I had to say no. I agree though, it is so hard to say no to a child that needs a home.

  3. Where's the Party?

    That is how my no’s end up also – No, we shouldn’t, but if you can’t find someone else, we could try to make it work…Oh the curse of an altruistic soul!


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