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Every foster parent should experience missionary training. Post 1 of 2

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Two years ago, Leo and I were preparing to leave America to serve in overseas missions to Zambia.

Before our estimated departure, we went through a program for missionary training.

Little did we know at the time, we would not be living overseas. We would be foster parents. And this missionary training has undoubtedly been the most valuable preparation for this venture.

One question we were asked before leaving the training, was to suppose that if we knew, before ever stepping foot on the field, that we would never see fruit, would we go? If we invested our time, our money, if we sacrificed our families, our homes and our energies pouring into a people, a city or a nation and never ever saw any good come of our work, would we still be willing to go?

To seriously consider that question was difficult, but we knew if we were certain that’s the calling we had on our lives, we’d still go.

That same question now emerges for Simeon. If we invest the rest of our lives in this little boy, if the day comes that adopt him and we spend the rest of our lives on our knees in prayer, up late at night, watching him grow and he never ever gets any better than this… If we never see him find healing, if we never have a day where we know we’ve made a difference or if he continues to be angry or violent, will we be willing to continue praying for him, working with him, loving him?

And lately this question has begged considering. If we fight an isolated battle, the world never really knowing or seeing the kind of trials we face at home, are we in love enough? Are we committed enough? Do we feel called, do we know that this is what God has for us?

Finally at peace, we were both able to answer yes.


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  1. Welcome to the jungle missionary mama!

  2. Loving children is as much for us as it is for them. If our children turn out “unsuccessful” we are still better people for investing in them. Loving that sacrificially opens a part of your heart you otherwise never knew existed. And that makes the journey beautiful, no matter what the outcome.

    And you are not isolated. You may feel that way sometimes, but you are loved and prayed for more than you can imagine.

  3. Ok. With our most recent news, I HAVE TO KNOW MORE! : )

    I totally get what you’re saying though. It is good advice, and advice that I think would be good for a lot of adoptive parents to get beforehand. I think a lot of people unknowingly adopt thinking that they will be able to fix everything that could be wrong – and sometimes you can’t.

    You all make a beautiful family, and you are such a blessing to that little boy.

  4. YES is a beautiful word. What we do is an incredibly isolating experience – our foster/adopt friends (and the blogging world) have eased that isolation. Thanks for being a part of our community.

  5. Stephanie Curtis

    You will never be alone! If I can do NOTHING else, I will be praying.

  6. Yup. That’s it exactly. Would we choose not to love them? Could we even do that at this point?


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