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On a lighter note…

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Make that several lighter notes.

1. If you write in blogger. Blogger is being a real jerk to me. I’ve been trying to comment on blogs and it says I don’t own my identity. I don’t even know what that means or how to correct it. So, Blogger friends, I’m sending my internet love from here. Unfortunately you’re missing out on all my clever wit, etc. (a-yuck, yuck, yuck!)

2. I pass by a barber shop called Krispy Kutz regularly. It has a Fat Albert-esque face graffiti painted on the side. For years now I’ve thought, why? Last night I was coming at it from a new direction and at night. With the perspective change and day time distractions gone, I realized that it is a place where you can get your hairs barberd and indulge in Krispy Kreme donuts. Now I ask, why not?

3. Simeon. Hilarious. Ridiculous. Awkward. Oh… enough said.

4. I am on a quest to finish my ever lovin’- for the sake of all things good -Christmas decorating by Saturday. I’m usually done by now and the fact that is Dec. 2nd and my house isn’t ready for the holiday celebrations is driving me mad. (of course what am I doing with my quiet time now…) I bought icicle lights for my window arches. They are LCD lights. Yay, for energy efficiency, right? Wrong! They’re going back tonight. It looks like I’m advertising a happy ending here. What happened to warm and bright? Sheesh!

5. I have nothing else to say. Ending a list on four makes me queasy. That-th-that’s all folks!


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  1. LOL!! Advertising a happy ending… You crack me up, girl! Me love you long time. (Thanks, I needed to be lightened up…)

  2. Where's the Party?

    Donuts and hair cuts?? Gross! I can’t stand the idea of mixing food and personal hygiene!

  3. Advertising a happy ending??…I don’t get it? I’m sure it is about to bite me, but I don’t get it. Maybe I will soon…

  4. Ick. I’m picturing hair sticking to the donut. No good.


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