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The croup, the croup, the croup is on fire…

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We don’t need no water! Let the… bah….

I thought I’d drop into today to give you the scoop. Let’s begin.

1. The kids have the croup. I just pray I stay well.

2. Cordelia’s family has shown up and want her. We may say goodbye. We are sad. Obviously. That is an understatement. I’ve decided it’s easier to not go there. Otherwise I’ll just worry myself to tears.We’ll know more a few days before Christmas. I just pray that we don’t have to say goodbye until after the New Year.

3. Simeon’s case is progressing not at all. Grrr… Trying day at court a few weeks ago. One parent MIA, one parent lying. Both parents: EPIC FAIL. Neither are any closer to termination. Which is not so much bad news as it is rather a bother. To look at the glass half full: if they drag this case out another 9ish months, we could have financial assistance for him until he’s 18. Obviously, we’re not holding out, but if they’re in no hurry to provide this child a safe, permanent home with well-balanced, loving people then…

4. We’ve finally had a break from angry Simeon. He still rages occasionally. He’s still very aggressive toward Leo, especially, but we don’t feel under constant attack. I recently began measuring Simeon’s behavior using the terror alert system. We are currently on a code blue: General risk of attack. Last night before a meltdown, he began stacking paper plates and arranging kitchen odds and ends by size and color. That little bit of OCD is a good sign that we have moved to a code orange: High risk of attack. We moved to code red: Severe risk of attack, once he began the “crazy laugh.” Sure enough, that’s when he cracked. So far, we find this a very helpful tool.

5. I’ve recently began reading The Connected Child by Karyn Purvis. This book is clearly not the be all for us, but I find it a great breath of fresh air. It helps me to know I’m not alone. And I’ve been trying some of the techniques in there. They actually help  a little. I can see a difference. I can feel a difference in the tension between Simeon and I. This has given me just enough room to catch my breath, and for that I’m so thankful.

Foster parents. Read this book. I think it can help. And remember, you’re not alone. Now, I must go. Princess of the green snot is prepared to hold court and is clearly distressed that I am not in attendance.


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  1. Always praying…always here…

  2. I love your blog. (excuse the small burst of internet affection) I think we’d be friends in real life. =)

  3. Good luck with croup and the green snot. Tis the season.

    Rough times with both the kiddos cases. Good luck with all that too. Wishing and praying you strength of heart.

  4. Where’s my fixing wand? Ready to wave it over your head.

    Hang tight, sister friend.

  5. My boy also has the crazy laugh! His has a bit of a ‘growl’ component. I think I might be developing some PTSD because when I hear it, my heart races, and my hands go a little cold and clammy. That crazy laugh has always preceded some mad crazy scary do-do! We must act immediately if we hear it.

    Thanks for a reminder that we are not alone.

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