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Not worth it.

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There’s been some serious allegations against an adoptive mom blogger.

She may lose her children because she blogs.

This is enraging and frustrating and scary. But, the fight’s not worth the risk to me and mine. My life with these kids is tenuous now anyway. Until they’re mine free and clear (which apparently isn’t exactly free and clear, after all), I’m going to have to be extra careful.

So, while CPS is busy protecting kids from their evil blogging mommies (you know, because they have nothing better to do?), I’m going to be backing off a bit.

I’m pretty anonymous here, and I will continue blogging encouragement for other foster parents. I will continue blogging about foster care in general, but it’s not worth the risk of losing my kids. So my personal experiences, information about their cases (vague as they are already) will be saved for later, or password protected.

Sadly, my world’s just gotten a whole lot smaller. It breaks my heart. It’s not right. It’s not fair. But y’all, for today, in our case, it’s just not worth it…


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  1. You’re one hundred percent right.

    Boo for us, though. Although, rest assured, I will not be a stranger.


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