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Not to bring this party down any more, but…

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I just got news that one of Cordelia’s parents has come forth and wants her.

After four months.

There is also another family member who must now be considered for permanent placement.

This easy, open and shut case has now become exponentially more complicated.

And I want to give way to fear, to panic, to weeping and sobbing and what-ifs. I want to shake my fist at the injustice of it all.

I want to be angry.

We have a hearing in two months. It was supposed to be an easy day. Now the judge could continue with termination, could allow the parent to begin a case plan, or award custody to the relative (should the relative be a viable placement option).

Regardless of what happens, or how easy this hearing may yet be, we now have that awful monkey of doubt to bear until a decision is legally made.

Still, we will love and serve our children in faith.

Because like Abraham, against all hope, in hope we choose to believe.


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  1. praying, praying, praying!

  2. My little guy had resource possibilities of a neighbor and a close relative. They said they wanted him for two months, still nothing has happened. The workers say if they haven’t gotten a homestudy by now they probably won’t. Just because a person comes forward doesn’t mean they are equipped for the reality of caring for a child.

    Although I have to say how much I hate that kinship placements have a lower standard to meet than fosters.

  3. Crying for you. Praying, too. I’m so sorry things have been so much all at once.


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