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Where do the days, hours, minutes go???

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I’m printing off worksheets for my class tomorrow night. I’m doing this instead of spending time with Leo and Cordelia. I worked on said worksheets all afternoon instead of playing with Simeon. Though if I get it all done tonight, I’ll have time to play tomorrow (says the ever planning teacher who will most likely come up with “one more quick thing to work on…”)

Still, I love teaching adult ESL. I mean I really, really love it! My students are incredible human beings and I’m falling madly in love with each and every one of them.

One of my Brazilian students says that she likes “the dancing better than the making love…”
A young man from Cameroon didn’t understand the phrasing.
Instead of allowing me to tactfully clarify, another Brazilian student enthusiastically says “she likes the dancing better than she likes the sex! I agree, except I like the sex better!”

At this point I was jumping up and down, waving my arms, begging them to stop talking about sex in my classroom.

Then I applauded the well-crafted comparative statements my Brazilian students had made.

In other words, this is all a big adjustment, but a fun one to be sure!!!


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  1. Have you read David Sedaris’ work about learning English when he was living in France? Me Talk Pretty Some Day? Right up your alley.


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