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I love my hair

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Have you seen this?

This was written by an adoptive father, for his daughter and it’s such a great little song. I pray that my children, and all of the children through my home can drown out the voices in their heads and the voices of the world and see how beautiful they are. I pray that we make a our family a place to celebrate the way we were created and the potential we have to be great.

If that’s to be, it has to start with Leo and me. I love my hair…


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  1. Did I ever send you this website?

  2. I say this and just loved it. It’s funny, I actually thought of asking you what you thought of it when I saw it. I remember you had a post about doing hair of varying textures…

  3. I saw that and loved it!

    When I first got my little guy I hated his hair and wanted to get it cut. Now that a few people have shown me how to do it I like it. I get compliments all the time about it, and how cute he is! (wish I could post pics!)

  4. LOVE IT!!! Thanks for putting an extra smile n my face this morning!


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