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We have been so very busy the last few weeks. TMI confession: there has been a dead bug in the corner of the bathroom floor for a week. I don’t do bugs, even dead ones. We’ve been so busy I haven’t even had time to tell Leo about it.

How he has missed noticing this dead bug is a mystery even seven years of marriage has not yet solved. But I digress.

Work is going well. There is some initial stress, as I predicted, adjusting to being gone two nights a week. There’s also the lesson plan writing and copy making time I didn’t account for. Fortunately, I know from past experience, that each class I teach will require less time investment in preparation. Soon enough, I’ll be able to do not much more than walk in the door, make my copies, teach and leave. Until then though….

Also, we’ve been in the process of changing churches. This has been a decision we’ve not easily made, but we believe it’s the right choice for our family. We’ve been at our previous church 14+ years. The congregation has been our friends, our family and our greatest support all these years. We love our church, our church leadership and our church family, but… as we’ve adjusted other things since taking in children, we’ve found our ability to be active participants in our community has been difficult. Having Cordelia finally helped us make the final decision. When we brought home a newborn baby, I felt so isolated. Leaving the house was an ordeal (as it is for every family with an infant) and the 25+ minute drive to be a part of our church community became the most exhausting venture of our week.

We chose to take the summer visiting churches in our neighborhood. While there were several that were great, none of them were good enough. None of them had the heart we’ve always known. Eventually, though, we found a new place with a very similar heart to our church home. The move is scary and at times, re-investing in a foreign community is daunting, but we already see the fruit of the new investment, especially in Simeon. It helps that we’re not moving because of hurt or drama, but because of a desire to be a part of a community in our neighborhood and to be a part of ministry without sacrificing as much time in commute.

And finally, after so many words, Simeon has turned four! FOUR!

I think four looks good on him. Perhaps it’s my imagination, but it’s like over the course of a few weeks, he’s gained more self-control and listens better. His manners have improved and he’s more self-sufficient. He’s not cleaning the toilets, or changing Cordelia’s diapers yet, but he seems to have matured a bit (knock-on-wood) and I’m liking him a little more lately.

I’ll be posting a party post and a pictures post soon.


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  1. Isn’t 4 amazing? I was shocked by the light switch that went off seemingly on his birthday. 4 is my new favorite number.

  2. four seems so big to me…that always seems like the state that kids really move out of the toddler stage and into a little boy/girl. Happy birthday, Simeon!

  3. How wonderful. We changed churches right after O was baptized….it was hard, but the right decision. I hate that it looks like we got him baptized and than hit the road. It is what it is, though.

    So excited about your new job. I know you’re a natural.


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