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Leo’s gone. Four days this time. We’re doing just fine without him, but it doesn’t mean I like it. I miss him. I miss sharing life with him and I miss that he’s near the ocean and we are not.

A small piece of me may find great satisfaction in the knowledge that he’s in meetings all day and that his boss’ ( a life long family friend ) idea of fun is playing tennis until 9pm and then getting in just in time to watch Golden Girls.

For real.

That and the other two guys he’s hanging with this week are 70+.

I’ll be counting down the days until I can smooch his fuzzy face. Bear with me guys. It’s gonna be a long four days.


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  1. I can sympathize…well, kinda, since I’m the one that leaves. But there’s nothing like that feeling of completeness when everyone is together again. I hope it comes quickly for you.

  2. Argh. I totally hate it when The Other Mother is away on business…Things aren’t nearly as bright and joyful when she isn’t there to share it. Hoping your four days flies by fast!

  3. I’m feeling your pain. My hubby is getting ready to go on a work detail that is going to take him all the way across the country for the month of November. Single parenting is no fun.

  4. You really are being sneaky with your post titles you stinker! Gave me a moment of pause, hoping that you didn’t loose one of your kiddos suddenly!

    Have courage, this too shall pass!

  5. Yeah, it sucks. You know what would help? Indoor pool and the Tavern.


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