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Awkward Anatomy

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This morning, Simeon climbed up on the end of the changing table while I cleaned and dressed Cordelia for the day.

His contended face suddenly turned baffled. “Where it p3nis?”

I told him that only boys have them and since Cordelia is a girl, she does not.

“Oooohhh…. where it girl p3nis?”

Again, we reviewed the difference between girls and boys. Cordelia was dressed and the habits of the day took precedence.

Later though…

Later, Cordelia’s case worker was comfortably seated in the living room, where we discussed the imminent closing of her case and her settlement in our home. Simeon climbed up in her lap and with the seriousness of a neurosurgeon explained that “Cordelia does not have p3nis.” *weighty pause* “It lost her girl p3nis.” He sadly looked down and waited for the case worker’s response.

She looked to me for help.

“We’ve been talking about the difference between girls and boys… he’s still a little fuzzy on the topic.”

“Well, I’d say so!” she replied.

I’d like to see her do a better job. Pfft.


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  1. I used to take care of a little girl who was my son’s age at 2. She came in the bathroom one day as I was potty training him and turned her head level on the side with his p3nis as he stood at the potty going #1. She looked perplexed but didn’t say anything. She later went home and told her parents at the dinner table that he had a stickin’ out vagina. I believe her dad did an uncontrollable spit take.

  2. Owen had this conversation. When I told him that girls don’t have penises, he shook his head slowly and said, “That’s sad. That’s so, so sad.”

  3. Love these stories!!

  4. Hahahah! That’s hilarious!

  5. When Christopher was little, we had this conversation often. Usually in a public restroom in a very loud voice, “Mommy doesn’t have a _____.”


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