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It’s better to have loved and lost…

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At least that’s what they say.

Today I had to say goodbye to a friend near and dear to my rear.

I remember so well, it was August 2006 when we met. Target. I don’t usually bond so dearly with those at Target, but it was an end of summer sale and there they were.

Two pair of jeans.

My size. Short enough. small enough in the waist not to gap, but wide enough in the hip not to cut off blood supply to my feet. I am almost an exact hourglass shape, but my hips are 1/2″ too wide. You’d be surprised what 1/2″ can do to a pair of jeans. But these, these beauties fit perfectly.

One pair a dark lovely shade. Boot cut. Soft. I fell in love. We continue to share an intimate friendship.

The other pair, lighter in wash, but no lighter in depth of love. These were the most comfortable pair of jeans I have ever owned. They accompanied Leo and I on the crisp fall nights of my brother’s senior year football games. I wore them in 2007 when Leo and I made the decision to change our lives dramatically. I wore them in 2008 when we went over seas. I wore them in 2009 at Simeon’s 3rd birthday party. I was wearing them just a few months ago when we picked Cordelia up at the hospital. These threads have been to all of the most wonderful and terrible places I’ve been over the past four years. And today.

Today I must say goodbye. I tossed them on the bed, ready to get dressed and make a new memory apple picking with Daisy and the kids when I saw it. The fatal wound. When did it happen? How did I not notice? A terrible hold in the crotch.

Oh, the agony. The pain. The heartache. I may never own another pair of jeans so faithful, so true in fit. I may never again know the joy of slipping on a fit of denim soft as velvet. I have lost a dear, dear friend.

Today, I sadly put on a pair of jeans tucked back in my closet. When I found them first, I thought they were as good. Soft, true, but alas, they stretch and sag. Within hours they double in size. Why?

Goodbye dear jeans. Goodbye.


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  1. A fine fitting pair of jeans are a blessing. So sorry for your loss.

    (It is funny that you post about jeans right after your post about being naked 😉

  2. I once tried the CPR of the denim world: denim iron-on patches. It worked for awhile, when I really needed to wear them but alas, it was still the end.

  3. So sad… I feel your pain, my friend.


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