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Leo is working out of town this weekend. Boo!

So, I did what every good southern girl does when her husband is gone. I loaded up the kids and drove to mama’s.

We arrived early this afternoon and stretched ourselves out in Nona and Poppy’s wide open spaces. We flung our shoes by the back door and don’t intend on putting them back on ’till we head back to the city.

While waiting for my parents to arrive home, Cordelia and I lounged on the front porch swing while Simeon ran arms wide, head back. Before long, we was a tiny dot far in front of us. I knew him by his bright green hat. He knelt down and dug his fingers deep in the freshly planted field and fingered the treasures it held. Seeds.

Poppy will be sore when that plot refuses to yield. Seeds don’t take well to being probed by little fingers before they break earth.

When Nona got home, we all climbed in her Cadillac of a golf cart and rode round and round the acreage, through woods, by the creek, around the gate and back again.

When Leo is away I never feel all right. It’s like the universe has shifted just slightly off center and everything’s a little fuzzy around the edges, but when I’m here, barefoot and breathing deeply, I feel grounded. I feel sure and safe*. All I need is for my tires to hit that gravel road, to pull through the gate and rest my eyes on the fields and trees, to come ’round the corner and picture myself on that front porch swing for all of stresses and worries of the world to seem a little smaller.

*safety is relative as it is rattle snake season. Simeon and Poppy saw one whilst riding the tractor this evening. This will ensure I stay on the front porch and scream like a banshee every time Simeon tries to approach any amount of grass taller than his ankles.


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  1. This is why I hate living so far from family. Not that my family is all roses and rainbows, but there is a comfort level being with them and in the spaces that feel safe.


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