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If you can, can can!

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If you can’t, can sweet potatoes!

We canned 12 quart sized jars of sweet potatoes today. Only one didn’t take.

Mama and I have scalded, blistered hands from all the boiling, peeling, soaking we’ve done. We do have 11 glorious jars of sweet sweet potatoes to show for it, though. Mmmmm…. the delicious possibilities are endless!

For dinner we had butter peas, field peas, corn, yellow squash and biscuits.

Simeon played in the sprinklers, rode the tractor and helped Poppy plant seed in the food plot.

Cordelia relaxed in the sun and slept most of the day. It’s easy here.

I want to see Leo so badly that I can hardly stand it, but I’m sad to leave tomorrow.

c’est la vie. Someday this will be our forever home and I’ll be dreaming of the days I lived four minutes from the grocery store, instead of 45.


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  1. Where's the Party?

    Not to be obnoxious, but don’t sweet potatoes store pretty well?


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