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I think I want this.

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My interview went well.

And now that I know more about the job, I really think I want to do it.

The bad news is that it’s far less money than we anticipated, but the good news is that I would only teach 2 1/2 hours two nights a week. And it’s on the quarter system, so I would have frequent breaks throughout the year, as opposed to our regular system schedule. We won’t be needing childcare since I would have an hour between when Leo gets home and when I would need to be at the facility.

I also know from working in education before, that once I’m teaching these classes, if other more desirable classes or hours open up, I could have access to those.

It would be an ESL instruction, and surprisingly, my highschool French is as valuable as all of my education and experience. Apparently, we have a large Haitian population in the area. Who knew? Now I’m wishing I studied more and passed notes less.

Anyway, I should know something  by next week. Here’s to hoping!


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  1. Continued best wishes!!

    ps – double check this post…i think a real name slipped 😉


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