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Uncharted territory

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Leo and I recently took Simeon to a kids play place.

We sat together and watched as the little boy we’ve come to know so well crossed into social territory neither of us has ever known.

A school group of first and second graders arrived. Within seconds, Simeon was racing across the building to greet “FRIENDS!!!!”

Leo and I stared befuddled as the kids began to congregate, then follow Simeon’s every move. They jumped to his every whim, they protected him and entertained him, they escorted him and literally wrestled each other out of the way to be near him.

As we gazed over our sci-fi/fantasy books into each others bespectacled faces, we wondered aloud at this strange social creature our Simeon has become.

My childhood consisted of many friends, most of them imaginary.

I was often in trouble at school for talking too much.

To myself.

I enjoyed playing with other kids, but they often grew bored with the world in my imagination. That, and I didn’t really need the other kids. I was plenty of fun on my own.

Simeon passed, sandwiched between two adorable girls. He turned and kissed one’s hand. Three little boys come running behind, vying for Simeon’s attention.

Leo stared slack-jawed. *sideways glances* We may need to work on social boundaries.

He’s three. He’s three and he’s already far cooler than we will ever be. This is uncharted territory to be sure.

I suppose nature wins this one.


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  1. Welcome to the world of “Not as cool as my kids.”

  2. That’s it. I’m now fully convinced that we are parenting the same child. Sprout’s social abilities blow mine away…I’m already picturing the eye rolls I may get when he’s a teen.

  3. Part of parenthood is turning in one’s cool card. He will get the gift of your imagination alone with the gift of extrovert-ism. That means he can do anything.

  4. Hey – how cool is it to be the “cool kid’s” parents??? This is so good for everyone. Enjoy!

  5. I guess it could be a club. The club of “where in the world did these cool kids come from?” Not from their father and I, that’s for sure!


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