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Vant to go for a rholl in ze hay?! Eets fu-un!

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I was going to write a blog post about raising children who are others conscious.

That sentence makes me tired.

And sounds a little pretentious.

And would make for  far too many words that add up to nonsense since it would all be theoretical anyway.

Instead, I’d like to report that Simeon is learning to wipe his own hiney. This is both thrilling and nauseating.

And Cordelia has been rolling over! She only does it accidentally in her sleep, but rolling she is!

Proof. She’s a genius. And that nurture beats nature once again.


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  1. I sure the other post would have been lovely and thought-provoking, but you can’t go wrong with wiping your own butt.

  2. Wiping his own butt is worth a whole post. Never underestimate the power of a hiney that you didn’t have to clean.

    I’m writing a paper for my psych class about nature/nurture. Can I quote you? 😉

  3. As the mom (this week at least) of 5 boys – I cannot overestimate the importance of being able to properly wipe a hiney! Rolling over is a useful skill and all – but not nearly as useful as learning to wrangle toilet paper…

  4. Asher swallowed a dime the other day. Wanna know about my relationship with my son’s poop this week? We are praying for a “klink”.


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