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Dear children,

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You will not be having cake for breakfast. Ever.

Or popsicles.

Stop asking.

You may have cake or popsicles after you’ve made a healthy choice. Yes, like tuna.

BTW, tuna for breakfast is gross, but get on with it you stinky little punk, you.

And Cordelia.

I cannot hold you every second of the day.

Sometimes I have to pee, and while I will pee in front of you, only one of us on the toilet at a time. Family rule.

Glad that’s been established.

If you want to be vertical twenty four hours a day, may I suggest you learn to hold your own head up? I’m just sayin’


Mama Monica

I do dearly love my children. I would not trade them for anything. Except maybe a trip to Jamaica. Just kidding – ahem.

Seriously, though, they are my greatest joy.

I just wish they came equipped with a coffee dispenser.
Wanda Sykes – Kids Are Worth It
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  1. I could do without the coffee dispenser but a mute button would be awesome!! 🙂 I don’t remember being this noisy when I was a kid but I have to say that parenting my own children has given me a whole new appreciation for my own parents.

  2. It is so funny that you mention a trip to Jamaica – My worker said that one of his foster moms actually took a foster child to Bermuda with her. I told him to sign me up for that home!

    I am with you on the food issues – this little guy came to us thinking that all food should be sweet. He’s moved on to proteins, but the closest he’s come to eating a veggie was gnawing on a carrot stick before throwing it across the room.

    He screams every time I go into the bathroom. I have a dream that one day in a time far far away mothers will pee in peace.

  3. Where's the Party?

    So of course I say the same things, but I always feel a little shred of sad because deep down, I want cake and popsicles for breakfast too!

    (Can’t say I empathize with wanting someone to hold me while they pee though.)

  4. Have you seen the Bill Cosby bit about giving his kids chocolate cake for breakfast?

    BTW – Thanks for your comment today. It helps tons to know I’m not alone, but you probably know that 😉

  5. I write several of these letters to my kids in my head EVERY day 🙂

  6. When #6 came to us (at age 2) he REFUSED to be put down. Ever. I don’t think the boy’s feet touched the ground the whole first year he was with us. And half the time when I peed, I just held him anyway to not listen to the screaming.

    Now I wonder why he’s spoiled. (But very attached! And when I’ve got 2 others with RAD, I’ll take attached any day!)


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