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One year ago today.

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One year ago today, we were cleaning up the house after a fun dinner with Daisy and family.

9pm, our phone rang.

“Mrs. Monica, we have a three-year old african american male, do you have any open beds?”

Yes we did. This would be our second placement.

I was excited and nervous.

An hour later the doorbell rang and I opened the door to a tiny little man. His clothes too big, his hair matted and smelling foul, his little face smeared with grime, his skin pale and dry.

He walked into our home like he owned the place. There my heart was set. The night continued with Leo making an almost midnight run to Wal-Mart for pj’s. A bath. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich. A compulsive lineup of matchbox cars by color and our first snuggle before bed.

I had no idea that night I would be here, one year later, looking forward to forever with this little guy. I had no idea I would love him so very much, that I would hurt so very deeply for him, that I would dream so very big for him.

Here he is looking tiny and frail, one year ago today:

Oh, if only you could see how far he’s come. Bless the Lord who poured life into this little boy! Bless the Lord who poured life into this little family! Bless the Lord!


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  1. Oh how beautiful he is! I can only imagine the depth of the beauty he carries now. What a gift – what a perfect match.

    ps. I’m moving to your state now. TPR in a year is unheard of here 😦

  2. What a special little man he is. He is what makes your family complete. I’m still walking around with Handy Manny toys in my purse that randomly start talking in very unique settings, like the DMV. I need to see Simeon and give him his gifts!

  3. My heart swells for you every time I read about him. Are you having a welcome home forever party? I’ll come!

  4. I love the thought of a welcome home forever party! What a bittersweet anniversary. I hope he’ll be yours permanently soon!

  5. Tear… Seeing your little man brings me such joy, he’s such a snazzy dresser. Praise God for the work he’s done in him and through him. Blessings!!


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