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We’re expecting?!

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I love the idea of twitter. Leo tweets. I’ve always wanted to, but it’s never been convenient.

Today though, I found out how to twitter from my phone and how to link it to my blog.

You can find me a@ FostermomMonica.

OK. Now on to the real story today.

The TPR for Simeon was approved. Expected.

We will have a meeting with the parents to discuss this. Expected.

There will be at least a few hearings over the next few months to decide where this case will go, exactly. Expected.

We found out mom is expecting. UN-EXPECTED.

So… she’s not very far along. And she doesn’t know that we know, though she’ll have to confront it at the meeting. There’s still a lot of time for things to change.

But, I’ll be up many a night over the next few months… dreaming, wondering, planning, panicking.

I have to say, I shouldn’t really be so surprised, but I. Did. Not. See. That. Coming.


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  1. Eeeek! So many feeling to accompany that announcement!!

    This is something that’s constantly on my mind.

  2. My heart jumped up to my throat. Ugh.

    Happy for TPR though!!!


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