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Eh, bien merde!

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Please excuse my french.

(I knew that five years of study and one summer studying french-ahem-culture abroad would pay off someday)

Leo’s taking Cordelia to the ER.

I don’t really think it’s an emergency, but her temp was 100.4 and last time we went, they made it sound like hell and fire would come and take our baby if we let her get to 100.4 and did not go to the ER.

I try to avoid hell and fire.

So, Leo just left, baby in tow.

She had something like seventeen vaccines today. One of the downers of foster care is that I don’t get a say in when/how my kids are vaccinated.

She was a little fussy, but alert, eating, sleeping and relieving herself normally. She didn’t even feel very warm, but we took her temp for kicks.

Turns out we were a little late to think of that. So instead of waiting for hell and fire, we decided that Leo would go and I would stay home and do laundry.

I think I got gypped.

I’m sure I’ll post later about how the ER staff patronized Leo and how Cordelia’s perfectly fine and how foolish we are for over reacting… again.

Still, better safe than sorry, right?


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  1. For a non-foster child I’d say it’s over reacting. Not for a foster. If I was ever hyper protective of my kids I’m doubly so with my little foster guy. Oh, heaven help me if a simple owie caused him to be removed or our home to be questioned.

    Pack that kid in bubble wrap!

    Oh, crap, he’d suffocate!

  2. I had two years of French wayyyyyy back in 1976-78…and I’m still able to parse out something about “good sh*t”. And who says there is something wrong with the American Education System? Did they mean 104.00 or 100.4??? Vaccines scare the crap out of me…I know they are supposed to be safe…but still I worry when I take the kids.


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