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If you haven’t figured it out by now, I write this blog anonymously. Not one of the names used on here is anyone’s actual name.

Unless you count the times I accidentally type the real name. Thanks for those of you watching out for me!

I blog anonymously for several reasons.

I never signed anything saying I couldn’t blog, but it’s is not widely approved of in my county. I’ve been in trouble before. I don’t wish to be again.

I need this. Not that you can tell by the lack of activity lately, but it helps me to keep a record of life with these kids and it’s a stress relief to work it out on my keyboard. I share a lot. Probably too much. The kids deserve their privacy.

I do too.

Anyway, if you know me in real life. Or if you know who I am in real life, please help me maintain my anonymity so that I can keep this space and community that it so dear to me.

Thanks 🙂


About Monica

Christ following, husband loving, children hugging foster and adoptive mama.

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  1. Okay. I always assumed you were fostering kids from Shakespearean England. I am sad this is not reality.

    Let me name a character/person someday….

  2. Monica, I had a terrible dream last night that I accidentally outed you to these evil people who wanted to end your fostering dreams. There was even a woman who looked like you trying to pretend she was the “bad” you. Then we ended up having to fight the crooked cops who were on their side and all sorts of craziness. As I am having a baby now I think I have babies, mommas, and kids on the brain…so somehow this post stuck in my subconscious and gave me that crazy dream. 🙂


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