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We’re supposed to let Simeon have his first unsupervised visit with dad today.

The orignial plans fell through because of dad’s work schedule. He was supposed to call me back to make new plans, but so far it hasn’t happened. Leo and I were willing to go out of our way to get them together. I’ve even called him several times to no avail.

This is why visits are almost always a surprise for my kids. I’d rather them be surprised to see someone, than disappointed they can’t.

I’ve been working hard to have a positive and encouraging attitude about Dad’s efforts. Today that has deflated into and epic fail. And I’m only feeling a little guilty that I’m feeling a little relieved he can’t get this together.

Just being honest here.


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  1. I had the same problem at one point. Just keep good notes! After two or three times, the caseworker said that I didn’t need to go out of my way to try to make the visits happen. If the parents couldn’t make the SCHEDULED visit, they just wouldn’t get one that week. Don’t feel guilty! You’ve done more than your part to try to make the visit happen. It’s up to Dad to do his.

  2. Sometimes it’s hard to feel happy about something you don’t think is in the kids’ best interest. Nothing wrong with that.
    Just remember, document, document, document! And send it to everyone you think could possible care on the case so that someone actually puts it in a file!

  3. Great idea in the above posts to document. Sounds like they have had some experience in this. It sure makes sense to document everything and even send to appropriate parties. I like the suggestion to consider eventually getting to the point that if the parent can’t make a visit, they just wait until the next week. You have some smart blog friends!

  4. I’m glad you shared. Announcing these “secrets” keeps all of us going, to know you aren’t alone in these feelings. The important thing is that you still do the right thing regardless of those thoughts. And you do, so you’re awesome.


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