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To redeem the previous post that I deleted, because come on, no one wants to read about your hormonal version of crazy!

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Before Leo and I started taking in children, we valued silence and solitude.

The value hasn’t really changed, but the ability to capture either of those has all but vanished from our current reality.

I found that during those times the perspective I had on my faith was most clear, remembering the presence of God in my life was simple, easy.

This past year, life has become decidedly louder. My world smaller, my bathroom more crowded.

Sensing and remembering the presence of God is more difficult. The effort required is greater.

I find myself often struggling daily walkout of my faith. I don’t doubt the presence, sovereignty or goodness of God. I struggle with how I honor that in the here and now.  I form opinions of how others should be living their faith too often. I pay too little attention to my own.

Today I read this post over at John Shore’s blog. It made ripples in my heart. It is the perfect, simple reminder to salvage what little I can of the past habits I’d formed. To daily see God new again.

For three minutes, every day — and ideally at the beginning and end of each day — arrange to be perfectly alone. Turn off your cell phone, unplug your iPod; disconnect. Be actually and really in solitude. Get physically comfortable. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply and slowly, pulling your breath all the way down into your abdomen. Calm yourself. Take your time. When you’re doing stuff like this, three minutes is an hour.

Just … be there. Look into your heart and soul. See what you find there. See if you don’t find, so close to you that it’s easy to miss it, or to mistake it for you, the spirit of God himself, stripped of all but essence, new to you again.


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  1. Thanks very much for this lovely nod.

  2. Three minutes. I could do that. I need to do that. I really do. When I pray, things are so much better.

  3. What a beautiful reminder to unplug the world and tune into the presence of God around us. I also liked reading about your hormonal version of crazy (because I’m livin’ it, too!)

  4. Hey – I left an award for you on my blog. Stop on by when you get a free moment or two. Ya know, when the raging teenager is not eating your brain….


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