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He’s pretty dark…

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We’re at the beach this week.

Don’t be hatin’

We’re here because Leo has to work. There’s free nursery care for Cordelia in the mornings, so Simeon and I went to the beach alone this morning.

We were having a great time dodging waves and watching fish jump when a girl, maybe six, swam up.

I saw her watching us for a while. As Simeon drifted a bit, she turned and asked: “Is that your son?”

“Yes, he is.”

The tiny skeptic raised one eyebrow: “He’s pretty dark…”

“I know, isn’t he a lovely color?”

She pursed her little pink lips: “Well, he must spend all his free time at the beach!” She seemed incredulous at the frivolity.

I laughed to myself as she swam away. Then I turned to see my dark little boy swimming across the glassy sea towards me. Humming merily as he paddled against the current. My heart soared. He hasn’t been the easiest child to love, but I wouldn’t trade him for the world.

Lord, please.


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  1. I happen to think he matches you perfectly. Amen.

  2. I would bet that he is easy to love- not so easy to like though- at least that is how it is for me. I love mine with an intensity that I can not even understand- I don’t always like them though :0) The struggles that I have with mine make me love them even more- even though I do not enjoy them. What was it that Paul said… “I have LEARNED to be joyful in every circumstance….” – it gives me hope that even though the struggles are hard and I do not enjoy them, this is a process and God is teaching me something to bring me closer to Him….
    Love You!!

  3. This post makes my heart ache…

  4. Oh, please, please, please.

    I’ve missed you. I’ve enjoyed catching up. I always knew I liked Cordelia, but your previous post tied the ribbon on the package for me.

    Love you…XOXO


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