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Warning. Contents under pressure.

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Cordelia had a small poopy diaper.

I finageled Leo into changing it.

Then the greatest moment of my life flashed in seconds.

Cordelia, diaper off, lifted her legs and projectile pooped a neon yellow stream of near solid mass.


I almost fell over laughing.

Leo’s right arm, mid bicep to wrist was covered in the vile bile.

Being the good wife that I am. I grabbed the camera. Then damp paper towels. Then the tape measure.

From her hiney, to the farthest reaches of her rocketed waste: 49″

That means the child, less than two feet long, shot her poop more than twice the length of her body.

Oh, and I found a potato in the washer today.

They drive me nuts, but life was never this funny before kids!


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  1. Where's the Party?

    That made me smile so much. Thanks!


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