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Did you know that you can *supposedly* tell how dark a non-caucasian baby is going to be by the color of her ears at birth?

Did you know that spit ball wads shoved so far up a child’s nose that they can’t be reached, make hilarious snot rockets when unexpectedly sneezed out an hour later?

Did you know that coloring on coffee filters with washable markers, then “painting” over them with water makes the most beautiful tie-dyed sun catchers?

Did you know that Clorox Green Works kills an army of ant invaders (ha! just visualized aunt invaders) on contact? Vinegar, not so much.

Did you know that banana pudding (the most glorious food in creation) is made exponentially better by replacing the ‘Nilla wafers with crushed chocolate chip cookies?

Did you know that simply possessing a newborn can cause sudden baby weight gain? Or perhaps that’s the banana pudding… nah.

Any new and interesting discoveries in your neck of the woods lately? Do share.


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  1. Did you know that it’s hard to stay mad at your husband when he brings home flowers? He didn’t say sorry, just brought the flowers. It’s a real poser.


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