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Some of you have noticed that I continue to be absent. Thank you.

I don’t really have a good reason why.

We’re doing pretty well here.

Cordelia is growing. What little family has surfaced is unacceptable for placement. We continue to ponder a future with her… I hate to say it because it still seems unlikely, but I want her. Leo wants her. There’s still the biggest part of me preparing to let her go though. I just can’t commit yet. I think it would break me. Of course, I may be falling in spite of myself.

Simeon is doing a little better. A little better as in today he spit directly into my face after a tantrum. That was less offensive than trying to punch my face like he did last week. Hmmmm…. I’ll have to add that to my list of things I never thought I’d be grateful for.

Sleep is still interrupted, as it should be. We’ve been crazy busy with visitations, social services and doctors appointments. Simeon continues speech therapy. We had a meeting recently that makes it seem as though Simeon’s case will continue to be in limbo for the next six months or so. This has it’s positives and negatives. We are ever prayerful that he will be able to stay. So far, everyone I’ve talked to from case workers to peer reviewers have agreed. Now if only we can move through the red tape -ha!

Apparently, the new baby, the lack of sleep, the fits and the general business has made it impossible for me to write. Like, anything. No blogging. I had an article for our foster parent association newsletter due today. It’s still a jumble of incomplete thoughts. I was planning to have a month’s worth of Sunday School curriculum drafted in the next two weeks. Ummm… I’m not even close.

I’ve got nothing. Except this blog post about how I have nothing to say.

Is that irony?

Maybe tomorrow. Blessings, y’all.


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  1. Praying for you and the kiddos!

  2. There’s nothing more important than focusing on your family right now. The words will come when they are ready. For now? Just plenty of baby and big boy snuggles.


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