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“I’m not gonna lie…

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…[Monica], you’re looking haggard!”

Well, thank you very much for that honest observation, [Edith]. On second thought, stuff it.

So I’ve been MIA for a minute. Briefly, Cordelia is doing well. No one has been able to locate either of her parents, or family so far. Regardless, her case will go to termination pretty quickly, which means when they do get in touch with family, they’ll be looking at placing her with them permanently asap. If they are not willing or able to take her, then she will be available for adoption.

Leo and I are talking about what we will do if that possibility becomes reality. We love her deeply already, but we haven’t made an actual decision yet. It will take a lot of prayer and some clear writing on the wall to get us to that point so quickly. We’ll see.

Now, the reason I’ve been looking so “haggard” is because Simeon has been a major pill. Like urinating and defecating on his toys in anger, hitting with all his might, screaming, refusing to speak for long periods of time (surprisingly, I find this more annoying than the screaming), deliberately disobeying instruction, etc., etc., etc.

He’s angry about something. Probably a lot of somethings, but still can’t communicate what. So, I’m not haggard because of the newborn, I’m haggard because the boy I love so, so much is hurting and angry and taking it out on Leo and me. Especially me.

Anyway, I plan to be back with riotous stories soon enough. Mostly because I love you all, and I can talk to you without having to look in a mirror first. Which is apparently something I haven’t done in quite a while.

Meh, whatever.


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  1. My personal hygiene has taken a downward fall recently too. I have no excuses. Sending prayers for Simeon.

  2. Looking Haggard sounds so much more sophisticated. Baby Dee’s bio-Mom has said “Yer lookin’ pretty rough” (You sort of have to growl LOUDLY it with a slighly slurred cigarette/husky voice and a bad Boston accent to get the full effect.) I can imagine how scary, exciting and uncertain it must be to open your heart to the possibility of adopting Cordelia.

  3. oooohhh, I’ll be praying for you! I know how hard it is, but you guys are doing an incredible job!

  4. Sweet mama, hang in there. You’re doing a great job. Whether you’ve got high maintenance or low maintenance kids, parenting is hard work and the sacrifice is worth every minute.

  5. I’ve written and deleted several comments. No clever way to say “Good Luck” and “Stay Strong.”

  6. Missing your posts! Hope everything is going well!

  7. Do you think Simeon could be jealous of Cordelia?


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