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We all live in a yellow submarine

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Simeon got mad at Leo and me today, so he peed. On the floor. In his room. What. The. Heck???!!!

Like pulled down his pants, peed in the middle of his floor, then pulled his pants back up and waited for us to come find him.

So after all the practice I’ve had keeping my cool the past few days, I lost my freaking marbles anyway.

I stomped and yelled and took every last toy out of his room (why? I do not know. It seemed right at the time). Leo helped him clean it up, then we all sat stonewalling each other in the hallway…

…until Simeon looked up happy as a lark and was ready to talk, sing and play. I could have strangled him right then.

Instead we had a little talk, hugged it out and moved on. Except now my room is crammed with every last one of his toys in piles and piles because my brilliant solution to the rash move of throwing boxes and boxes of toys in my room was to say he had to earn them back by being good tonight. Really, I would call this discipline fail #7894.

Anyway, the strangest part of the entire event was the fact that this was the first time we saw Simeon display what appears to be shame. He was clearly embarrassed and wouldn’t look me in the eye. He tried to hide from me and made himself as small as he possibly could. The thing that made him finally snap out of it was when I said “Simeon, what you did disappointed me, but I still love you…” After that, I couldn’t shake the kid. He was like my shadow and that has never happened after a big blow up.

I’m too tired to try to apply the vast knowledge of freshman year psych I possess, so I’ll just acknowledge now that I don’t know what the heck I’m doing or why he is the way he is.

The strangest part of it all. I love that kid so much, I really don’t care.


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  1. Isn’t amazing what you can handle now? Before having Sprout I’d read about kids that would intentionally pee (or worse!) during tantrums and thought “no way I could deal with that – it would send me straight over the edge!”. Well, here I am…

    Love really is the most powerful thing in this world.

  2. there are still bins of Christopher’s toys in the basement from when we removed them in a fit of rage. I don’t even know what’s in them anymore. we also used to have him run laps around the house outside so I enjoyed your running story (-:

  3. Isn’t it funny how illogical our “logical consequences” can be?

  4. In the moment these things get messy don’t they? You’re doing great, keep it up 🙂


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