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Crack is whack, yo!

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I’m sitting here twiddling my thumbs waiting for a baby. I think I’ll call her Cordelia when she gets here.

This is not at all how I planned our weekend to go. I was supposed to be leaving for my mother’s today, but now I’m sitting anxiously by the phone waiting for a newborn baby girl!

I’m excited and scared. She’ll most likely not be released until tomorrow because she’s currently being treated for drug withdrawal.

I’ve been praying that after Claudius, this next baby will be the perfect fit for us and Simeon. I can’t wait.

Let the nesting commence!


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  1. oh the excitement! A newborn baby girl?? Well, you know how partial I am to them 😉 I hope you all have a wonderful weekend together.

  2. Where's the Party?

    Oh wow, that’s so sweet. I hope she is doing okay. Now I’m getting baby-jealous (too many whiny, sarcastic big kids around here.)

  3. oooooohhhhh so jealous!!!! Have fun snuggling that little baby! I’ll trade you a 10 year old for the newborn! Ha!

  4. I’m sitting here twiddling too. Can’t wait to hear that she is in your loving mama arms. I hope to meet her on Saturday!

  5. ahh those newborn placements are so much fun. We’ve had several right out of the hospital, and they are so sweet and precious. Enjoy that baby girl!

  6. Wow, the excitement at your house never ends! Best of luck with the tiny sweet one!

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