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Let the record show

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There will be no more record of Simeon’s good days.

After all my wood knocking, fingers crossing, thanks praying he lost it again anyway.

I would also like the record to show that I will no longer be dispensing any parenting advice.

Leo humbly submits that while telling the three-year old that he may hit me and continue hitting me until he doesn’t feel so much anger* and then having him run laps at 9:30pm** last night may have worked amazingly well this time, it is unlikely to work the next.

We’ll see.

*Simeon was angry that he was being disciplined (you need to stay in your room for a few minutes until I clean this mess up), so he punched and kicked me a few times. I knelt and told him that if he wanted to hit me, he could hit me. If he was so angry that hurting me was the only way to make himself feel better, then I wanted him to hit me. He didn’t want to hurt me, or hit me. I knew that from the first swing. He was trying to find a place to put all of his negative energy. A good punch feels good, I totally get that. Giving him permission to do it made him embarrassed and sad and took away the power he felt.

**He refused to go to bed last night and began a wrestling match with Leo. I was tired and wanted to watch the Bachelorette in peace (priorities, yo!), so I suggested we encourage Simeon to run laps around the house (we have an open-ish floor plan, so this works beautifully). Then I told him he had to run and if he stopped he was going to bed. At first he was having a blast. He ran for about 10 minutes, then ran himself straight to bed and fell asleep. After the run, he was tired, the endorphins took care of the aggression, the serotonin burst took care of the anger. A stroke of genius if I do say so myself. I think I will try this one again, it’s a great lesson to learn and may help control some of the more violent outbursts.


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  1. Crap. I’m so sorry the behavior from the last post didn’t last. But good days will come again and the running was pure parenting brilliance! Sprout and I did jumping jacks right in the cereal aisle one time when I saw “the look” but still had more shopping to do and it worked – I love stumbling upon the simplest answers.

    On a side note, I’m in puppy love with Chris L. In another life I’d consider switching teams for that guy.

    • Hilarious! Roberto keeps me loyal, speaking of teams. Of course, I’m really rooting for Chris L. I think they could be best friends and that will equal a successful relationship. Of course, no one on these shows picks the person who will be a faithful and enjoyable life-mate, they choose the person they most want to see without clothes on. Thus the repeated epic fails.

      I’m a slave to reality television. It’s a great escape from… well, reality.

  2. Great job being creative with discipline!

  3. You are so creative. Move in and be my Supernanny.

  4. Is this really what happened after we left??? I feel terrible.

    And I can not believe Bachlorette was not on Hulu today. I checked my FB and found out Justin is gone. I am so excited about seeing the show, geez Hulu.


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