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My mama must’ve been a superhero…

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I had a single mom.

She fed us healthy food.

She bathed us regularly.

She read us stories.

And played with us.

She held down a job.

And was room mom at our schools.

Our house was spotless. Like, all the time.

Since my awesome parenting fail Sunday, the kids and I have been relatively happy living off of pizza, hot dogs and raw green beans with ranch dip. I called last night’s swimming pool excursion bath time. Simeon’s watched a movie every night while I try to at least get the dishes out of the sink. My well established aversion to laundry and bathroom cleaning may very well have reached new heights. Please do not come visit.

In other words, this is one area in which I am nothing like my mother. I can’t fathom how she did it. All the single ladies out there, you must have super powers. Y’all are strong. Y’all are rock stars. Amazing.

Eight days… eight more days…


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Christ following, husband loving, children hugging foster and adoptive mama.

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  1. Heaven help me, I love you for this post! I hear you. I have 1 child and a wife and I marvel at how single parents manage to get anything done! My house is never clean enough, I lose my patience regularly and I can’t imagine not having my wife both to enjoy it with, and to share the load of what all has to be done. Hang in there!
    Melissa in Durham

  2. Indeed. My friend Wendy will probably become a widow with four children tomorrow unless a miracle happens. Please pray for her and her ailing husband, Wayne.


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