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A strained smile…

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This morning Leo left for work.

He’ll be gone for two weeks.

Two weeks.


I know that the kids and I will be fine. Just fine.

We’ll eat and drink and bathe and sleep and talk and laugh and serve many, many time outs.

I know that we’ll be fine, but I don’t feel fine. I feel heavy. I feel a little like I’m floating, aimless. Leo is my anchor.

When we said goodbye this morning, we were both smiling. Smiling for the kids. Smiling to comfort each other.

When we said goodbye, we hugged tightly and kissed passionately and felt deeply the distance of the next two weeks.

When we said goodbye, it looked on the surface a ready and willing departure, but upon closer inspection the smiles were strained and Leo’s cheeks were streaked with tears.

A declaration and a prayer: God, I love that man.


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  1. Awww. Sorry to hear he’s going. I just hate it when The Other Mother is away on business. Never mind the whole “absence makes the heart grow fonder” baloney. Absence just stinks – I have come to understand this about myself: single parenting emotionally challenged/tough kids is NOT for me. Hoping the two weeks flies by uneventfully for you both.


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