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Yoga with Toddlers…

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Warning, you may need a muscle relaxer after attempting this workout. We reccomend you consult your doctore before having toddlers or beginning any new excercise routine.

My mom has been raving about this yoga class she takes. “I can move like never before!” “It’s a great workout and it’s relaxing!” Etc., etc., etc.

I had taken yoga years ago, in college. It was fun and energizing then… maybe it will help me find some balance in my day now.

I found some free videos online. One is basic yoga for beginners and is an excellent video. It’s about 30 minutes of stretching and muscle engagement. It is relaxing exercise, I’m sure. Here are some things I learned from my first yoga experience with kids:

1. The deep breaths give amazing power as I yell CLAUDIUS, NOOOOO!!!!!! before he pulls the power from the computer.

2. I could watch Simeon whack Cluadius in the back the head while I was doubled over gazing past the end of my nose and between my soft knees, hip distance apart. Deniability is forefieted when there is an eye witness account kid!

3. The core twist makes for a quick rescue to separate kids. I turned in time to see a punch in the nose and was able to drag Claudius away from retalitaion as I followed through with an open exhale… aaaaahhhhh….

4. The breach position makes mommy the perfect jungle gym for a one year old.

5. Keep your eyes open so you can see the kid coming as he rolls off your bent knees, down your slightly open pelvis, past your relaxed shoulder  and lands on your face.

For the record, I cannot hold the final relax pose, eyes closed as long as I please… or can I? What you can’t see can’t interrupt your zen zone, right?

Namaste and thank you.

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  1. A yoga class I took once described meditation as “keeping calm when there is chaos around you.” Most people think you have to have quiet to relax, but yoga has taught me to relax when there is absolutely no chance of quiet ever. Oh, and using blankets as my kids own yoga mats helped too. They are pretty cute trying downward dog as long as they don’t get on my mat.

    Your morning sounds like great fun!

  2. Hahahahaa. I’m sticking to the safety of my couch!

  3. Can you post the link(s) to the online videos?

  4. Yes! This has been my experience too 🙂


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