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14  years ago, I saw a boy playing piano and formed a little crush.

13 years ago, I told my mama that I wanted to marry a boy like that one day. She said “to marry about like that, you need to be the kind of girl a boy like that would want to marry.”  Very wise, mama.

12 years ago, that very boy took the entire viewing of Princess Bride to hold my hand. That’s how I knew he liked me, too.

11 years ago,  he said “I love you. I want to love you forever. May God give me the grace to never stop.” I asked him to say it again.

10 years ago, we stopped seeing each other while I spent my first year in college. We were both very sad alone, even with other people.

9 years ago, that dear boy asked me to hang out once in a while. A few weeks later, he took a very long time to put his arm around my shoulder. I looked up and said “If we do this again, I want to do this forever…”

8 years ago next weekend, that boy took me out for a romantic dinner and asked me to marry him. I said yes. Then we had a party with our families.

7 years ago today, we stood before his father in the woods on my family’s land, while our closest family and friends gathered to witness our promise and bless us. We promised to love each other for all of our days.

So far, so good.

[Leo], I can’t imagine how favored I must be to be united with you. You are everything I dreamed… and more. I love that you mow the lawn and help with the dishes. I love that you still want to hold my hand, and draw me close (even if that means moving a few kids out of the way first). You are generous. I am so thankful that you are willing to clean the kid’s bathroom and that I can tag out of a fit at any time, knowing you’ll be there, strong and true. I love that you are a warm, safe Papa for our children. I love that you play the most beautiful music. I am so very thankful that I have not had to pump my own gas in almost a year – you take care of me so very well. You are faithful and loyal and kind. You are tender. You are fair. You are good.

Leo, seven years ago today, I had no idea that our life would look like this. It has been one hilarious, riotous, exciting adventure and I can’t wait to enjoy another seven years with you.

I love you more n’ my baggage.

Happy Anniversary.


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  1. Congratulations!!! This was so sweet and heartfelt…I love reading about love. 🙂 My husband and I have been married for 7 MONTHS today! haha…here’s to many more months and years for both of us!

  2. That’s beautiful. What a love story!

  3. And, because of all that, I have a terrific, awesome daughter-in-law. I am so blessed!

  4. Happy Anniversary!!


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