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Who is this child and what has he done with my sweet little boy?!

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I don’t know much about tonsil/adenoidectomies, but everything I’ve heard and read said that the recovery can be really tough. We’re at day 7 and I really thought that we had dodged the bullet on this one. Simeon has not had any of the issues I expected.

No puking, no bleeding, little lethargy, no pain (thank you hydrocodone), no eating issues (though most of his food requires little to no actual chewing), no serious fever, no aches, no sleeplessness, no dehydration, no ear aches, no strange scabs or mucus emissions, not even foul breath.

I even took him to speech therapy because he was doing so well, and he did awesome! He wants to get out of the house, play outside, run, jump, sing. I’ve had to hold him back a little and I thought that was making him irritable.

Last Sunday we saw a little bit of the monster inside. Monday, he reared his ugly head full-force. He’s been obstinate, disrespectful, angry, easily frustrated and occasionally down-right mean. He even tried to hit me once! Seriously?!  He switches from whining, to yelling, to complete vacancy.

He doesn’t seem to be experiencing acute pain or discomfort. He certainly doesn’t indicate that he does and when I ask he says “I good.”

Finally, last night, we found one blogger who indicated that her child was mean and moody after surgery and I could have kissed that woman. She offered some light, some hope.

We have officially begun day seven of recovery and while he’s started the day bouncing like a pinball from screaming, to belligerent, to weeping, to vacant, to whining missing cheerful and pleasant altogether, I have hope that we will begin to see the boy we’ve come to know and love again soon.

It’s hard to guage where all this is coming from. When a kid’s got emotional wounds, the physical ones seem to aggitate what all’s going on in his head and heart. I’m having a hard time knowing exactly when to be compassionate because he’s uncomfortable and when to draw the hard line because he’s got to continue developing the coping skills we’ve been working on… none of which include whining, screaming, and vacating.

Anyone, anyone out there have experience with this issue? Is there anything I can do, how long can I expect it to last, how I can make it through the rest of this week without strangling the kid? I am seriously scraping the bottom of the “kind words, kind tone, kind eyes” barrel.


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  1. Ugh, sweetie. I’ll pray. That’s all I’ve got.

  2. I know you mentioned that his mother was there after he came out of the surgery. Have you noticed any type of pattern of aggression or behavior issues soon after her visits? Im sure those visits have to cause some turmoil for him and he may be expressing that pain thru his outbursts. Possibly…. not that I know for sure – but it seems like a logical enough idea…? Whatever it is that has him so inside out, I pray that he will be soothed and given peace very soon. That goes for you too!


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