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Hello my baby, hello my darlin’…

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Today was a like grand central station for children’s services. It was busy at our house too.

First, I got a call for a little boy. They found him wandering. No one knew who he was or where he was from. We immediately said yes.

A few hours later, I got a call saying that the boy was fine (whatever that means) and that they didn’t need us… except they were getting a baby boy and since we were already prepared for a child, if we wanted this one we could have him. So, we said yes. Again.

Then, my phone rang again. Seriously. This time they were looking for a placement for another little boy. different than the first two. I did not call back this time.

I am happy to report, that our little boy arrived this evening. He’s beautiful and mostly healthy, praise the Lord. He’s fat. And at 10 months has a mouth full of teeth and is walking. Amazing.

He doesn’t understand how to eat with a spoon and wasn’t thrilled with our whole wheat bread and peanut butter dinner. He also came with Cheetos, sugar cookies, chocolate milk, the onsie he was wearing, a pair of shoes and package of diapers that smelled of cigarette smoke and something else I cannot place (marijuana perhaps) and two aerosol cans of air freshener. huh. I threw it all in the garage and to be sorted, trashed, or salvaged later.

He seems pretty happy. He went to bed relatively easy (compared to our others, God bless him!) It looks like he may be here a while, which will be a welcome change from the typical revolving door we maintain.

Also, Simeon was like super boy as soon as… I’ll call him Claudius… arrived. It seems this was the thing he needed to break him out of a funk. Babies do wonders for our souls here. Now, let’s just pray he sleeps through the night.


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  1. Congratulations on the new addition! Walking, already? YIKES!

  2. Cant wait to hear more about Claudius – he sounds exceptional!

  3. Where's the Party?

    Crazy! Who sends their kids into foster care w/ food and diapers?

    I’ll agree: it is impressive that he is walking (maybe he’s older than 10 months?) I hope he and Simeon develop a fun relationship.

  4. Air freshener?!? Interesting…

    My first placement came in a hospital gown with a bottle of juice, and three diapers. My second came with a filthy diaper bag with ONE extra diaper, a couple of dirty outfits in the wrong sizes, a half a can of formula, and a few bottles. Sadly, he was coming to me from another FOSTER HOME! I couldn’t believe they didn’t send him to me with a little more care. He was in a filthy onesie, and had a brand new black eye. I was livid.

    I can’t believe Claudius is WALKING at 10 MONTHS! Maybe they got the age wrong? You never know with foster care. New little details are always popping up, even MONTHS into a placement.

    Congrats on the new little one!

  5. Yay! How wonderful! I love the pseudonyms you select, by the way.

  6. Air freshner??? Seriously? That’s interesting.

    Princess came to us straight out of the hospital, in a nasty shirt that was a 3 month and it swallowed her. Little Man came from the hospital as well, but he was almost 3 months old and he was really, really dirty and stinky and had eczema and really bad cradle cap. He came in his hospital gown and that’s all we got. L.J. came straight from the hospital too, but since we were the ones caring for him in the NICU, we provided the going home outfit and the hospital gave us some diapers.

    Tammy, that’s sad about your first placement!! The first little boy we were SUPPOSED to get, J-Man, was the same situation.. he came from a foster home and was put into a different one at 4 weeks. The boy had NEVER been cleaned off, never had a bath. He smelled horrible and had black crap in his neck, in his armpits, and his diaper area… well lets just say a rotting body probably smells better. It’s foster homes like that that give us a bad rap!!

    My babies always smell so good. If they spit up, they are cleaned up and/or clothes changed. I can’t stand the spit up smell or the sour milk smell, so I can’t imagine taking care of a baby who smells like that!! We use a LOT of wash cloths in our house!!!

    Princess is 10 months and is walking, so it’s possible!! She has 4 teeth already! Good luck with your little guy!

  7. We finished our foster classes and have our homestudy next week. They say we should be open for kids a week after that. It is educational for me to hear what the kids arrive with. At our last class I asked if I should have formula or diapers on hand. The worker said no, that the babies are usually used to a certain formula and it is better to buy more once you know what type. Same with diapers.

    What do you all have on hand?

  8. Awww a little one! So sweet.
    We had a little boy who was two with us for just a few days. He sounds identical to your situation now. Have fun! I hope Simeon does well with him!


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