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If on your way home from work, you pass a bewildered looking 3 year old boy, who could easily be a Baby Gap model, with chocolate  smeared across his face, he’s mine.

I dropped him off on the side of the road and will come back to get him when I’m good and ready.


The kid is asking for it is what I’m saying.

Cabin fever, heavy drug mood altering side effects, spoiled rotten, … I don’t know why he’s been an angry and mean the past two days, but I’m done. Hear me!

I’m going to take a bubble bath and visualize myself on a beach. In Mexico. With a mojito in hand. Anyone with me?


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  1. Make it a salty-rimmed Margarita and I am THERE!

  2. yes please!

    and when you are done with that lovely visualization, pull out a few old pictures of the little bugger. Kids always look sweeter in pictures and on days like that, I like to be reminded that they arent all like that.

  3. You must be talking about some other child. NOT Simeon! haha!
    grandma MILly

  4. I’m sure he is fine- I dropped mine off with him!! Maybe we need to find some dishes??!! Maybe he needs some dishes??!!! I keep looking but have not found any yet.

    Seriously, narcotics is one of those drugs that can make some people very unpleasant to be around- maybe Simeon in one of those people…..

    Love You!!

  5. You had me at mojito.


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