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I deleted my last two posts…

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I had a funny feeling, like maybe the story was too detailed, or too close to current events. I felt a little dangerous like I might get caught with all this elicit blogging.

Nope, no neurosis here.

I’ll be posting my next Foster Parent Tips installment: Meet the Parents soon.

‘Cause as y’all know, I rock that (humph!)

Love ya more’n my luggage.

Or as Leo says: Love ya more’n my baggage. Which is something entirely different.

Regardless. I Love ya.


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  1. Don’t you hate that? Feeling like your every move is being watched? I totally feel you! I want nothing more than to be able to vent about the drama of my past year with my last two foster kids, but it’s STILL ongoing (and they’re not even with me anymore!). I might go ahead and WRITE about it, and schedule it all to post in a year or something. That way I can vent away, but it’s not current when other people read about it. 🙂

  2. Hi! Sorry I missed reading your blogs…sound like you had a story to tell!


  3. It is a constant challenge for me: blogging honestly while remaining anonymous and protecting confidentiality. Glad you post and share….

  4. I struggle with that too. ugh. It’s so annoying.
    I’ve come to the conclusion that if I feel like sharing (while not sharing names or too much about the details of the case) is helping more than it could possibly hurt….by promoting fostering, helping others to normalize their situations, etc, that I’ll continue doing it.
    And if I get “caught” ….so be it. Maybe I’ll e-mail them a list of the people who have asked me questions about licensing and see if they still think it’s a bad thing.

  5. I sure am glad I have stayed up to date on your blog and didn’t miss those two posts!
    love always, your MILly

  6. Where's the Party?

    Oh no, I hope it’s not because I mentioned my (unfounded) worries about our licensing worker…


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