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That’s what the attorney for DFCS requested yesterday. That things stay status quo.

The judge was irritated with this case. She banged the gavel and declared that she didn’t want to see anyone again until there were changes made in mom’s case.

This means things stay pretty much the same. Simeon does get to meet and get to know his dad now, which seems like a good thing.

I’ll be supervising those visits.

I’m pleased with the outcome. We’ll get to keep our boy for a few more months, and I get to be a big part of the relationship he develops with his father.

I’m going to assume that the earliest we would see a change in the status of his case is August.

So, on we go with status quo.

And I’m off to meet new people. I hope I don’t trip, or puke, or embarrass anyone (especially me!)

Talk at ya later!


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  1. Oh, good. This seems like I weird thing to say, since I’ve never met you, but I just love you, “Monica.”

  2. So glad our little buddy is staying in the arms of the ones who can give him what he needs most.

  3. Where's the Party?

    Wow, she banged her gavel? That’s serious.

    I haven’t followed the whole history with Simeon, but if I may ask, why hasn’t he been seeing Dad before?

  4. Great! Good luck with Dad’s visits.

  5. I had no idea we were so much alike in regards to meeting new people. I feel you, girl. I feel you.


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