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Who wants a margarita???

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There is so much drama in my house right now.

Angelo and Bianca are still here. Simeon is not handling all the changes well at all.

Truth be told, neither am I.

Because of Simeon’s struggles, we’re trying to find a new home with more peace and less stress for the other two.

The only one so far is with a private agency. They want to meet the kids tonight.

For what, a foster kid interview???!!!

What am I supposed to tell these kids? What if the family decides they don’t want them.

“Here kids, a big steamy pile of rejection with a side of rejection and a smothering of rejection sauce! Hope you don’t grow up too crazy!!!”


I want to help them, but not at Simeon’s detriment. We’ve come so far with him and I feel like the little boy I’ve come to know and love is slipping through my fingers. He’s stressed, he’s hurting, he’s angry, he’s confused and I’ve hardly had two seconds with him for all of Angelo’s needs.

It’s so hard. And I can’t really blame any of them. They’ve all gotten the shaft from their suck-ass parents and it’s not fair.

And that’s exactly what Angelo cried into my shoulder this morning when I told him about the search for a new home: “it’s not fair Mama [Monica], it’s just not fair! I just want to be with my mom and dad. I thought I would be with my mom and dad! Why can’t I be with my mom and dad…”

Please, Jesus, work a miracle. Bring healing. Bring peace and bring it quick. Oh, and if you could work a margarita in there too, it’d be great. Amen.


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  1. Where's the Party?

    Shoot, I wish we could take ’em. (Maybe I’m still stuck in ‘take in new kids’ mode from my call this morning.) More seriously, they sound like they would do better in a home with more kids, at least Angelo. More people around to soak up his energy and attention demands.

    So is the margarita for you or the kids? Maybe all three…


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