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The kids are here. They came in late last night. As usual, there was one piece of information they got wrong. Race. That was a shocker.

The kids that showed up at my door last night were exactly opposite of what I expected. The little boy will be Angelo. He seems smart, though he doesn’t know his alphabet, which we’ll try to work on, as he’ll need that like asap! or he’ll be way behind next year.

He DOES NOT STOP TALKING! I had to put a limit on knock, knock jokes. He can’t say one more until dinner time. He’s big for his age. He can be very sweet, but has a very domineering personality. He wants affection, but obviously doesn’t know how to give or receive it. He hugs until it really hurts, or pulls on my hand so much it feels raw. He’s already proclaimed deep love for me and wants to get rid of Leo. At lunch, his sandwich started talking for him and told me what a bad boy Angelo is and that he, Mr. Sandwich, will kill us all. Hmmm.

I told Mr. Sandwich that there is no way he could get us because I’m big and strong and I will protect everyone, especially Angelo who is a very nice and special boy. Then I took a big bite right out of the middle of Mr. Sandwich and challenged Angelo to do the same. In other words, lunch was a success. I think.

The little girl, Bianca is also big for her age. She’s a bit delayed in speech, I think, as so far she has none. She is super sweet. She’s been very clingy, but not particularly whiney so far. Nor has she bit, hit, or otherwise caused bodily harm, so as of today, she’s much easier to manage than the other two I’ve had who were her same age.

The case for these kids is tricky and of course I have very little information. Most of what I do have is sure to be wrong, but there are tale tell signs that the kids demonstrate:

1. They were obviously alone a lot. Angelo is very concerned about the care of Bianca and will do whatever I may ask and then some to help.

2. They are used to police. Today Angelo played a game where Bianca (who was not playing) was the cop and he was being arrested for driving without a licence. That’s a very telling bit of social play for a kid.

3. They ate crap. For breakfast Angelo demanded “pop, pizza and chicken nuggets.” Then he planned a candy chaser. He did not eat the highly sugared oatmeal I placed before him. He also refused the carrots at lunch and nearly gagged down his apple juice. All of which are far from what I would consider a healthy meal. He informed me that I can take him out for dinner tonight. I’m thinking no.

4. Bianca came with tons of adorable clothes. Angelo came with very little and all of it worn nearly through. He’s still wearing his outfit from yesterday, which he also slept in. I’m taking him out to get some clothes and shoes tonight. He can hardly wait for the time alone and new things.

5. He desperately wants to be loved. He wants to be touched, caressed, hugged, held. He wants me to affirm him every other second and is near devastated if I reprimand him for any reason. Bianca desperately wants to be loved. She wants to be touched, caressed, hugged, held. I don’t know exactly what all these kids have missed in life, but it’s obvious the greatest void is love.

We’ll do our best. Pray for us. I’m a little overwhelmed.


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  1. Bless you, bless you, bless you. They have certainly come to the right place for love. Praying for your new arrivals.

  2. And you have exactly the right love to give. You can do it. One day at a time, or even one minute at a time – you can do it.

  3. You have love indeed…and I love how you took care of Mr. Sandwich. Sending love and prayers…

  4. So grateful for you guys and the work you’re doing! All these broken hearts get to start healing by God’s grace through you. Great is your reward in heaven, friends! “Blessed are the peacemakers…”


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