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I sad you talka me…

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Simeon had visitation this week. Grrr….

The two days after are like walking a land mine zone of displaced aggression, sadness, rage, confusion, anguish and silly to beat all.

So goes this week.

Last night and today Simeon refused to go to bed and nap today. He does this rather irritating internalizing and literally vacates the present mind. I don’t know where he goes, but his face goes blank but for a slight pout. His eyes are soul-less. Today I picked him, unmovable force that he is, and put him in bed. Then I was trying to kiss his head when he snapped to and raged “NO!!!”

After reading a wonderful book on empathetic and connected parenting, I forgot all of the things I’ve committed to practicing and pulled him down really quickly to the mattress. I never changed my face or tone, but I shocked him right out of his funk. Then the tears and anguish began. I apologized for scaring him, snuggled him close and explained that I know he’s angry but that we still have to do things like eat food and take naps.

The sobs continued. His little body heaved in my arms. “Can you tell me what’s going on buddy? Why are you crying so much still?”

*hicup, hicup* I *hicup* sad. I *hicup, hicup* sad you talka me *hicup*

Well there you have it folks. I talka the joy right out of the kid. What can I say? Therapeutic parenting rock star I am not.


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  1. He’s sad. And he trusts that you will hear him, and love him. You’re doing just fine.

  2. I agree with Nancy. He’s just too young to explain, or even know, where his emotions are coming from. When I make the mistake of asking Sprout why he’s crying or upset over seemingly minor things, I always get the same thing: “I dont want you to talk to me!”. This job is not easy. not easy at all.


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