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There’s a SPRING in my step…

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’cause it’s the first day of Spring!!!! Hooray…. a few more weeks until swimming, and laying in the sun, and sweating 24 hours a day, and playing at my parents’ house, and swimming, and did I mention swimming?

To welcome spring, Leo let me sleep in today. Which was nice. I hardly even noticed Ophelia’s velociraptor screams and screeches outside the bedroom door.

Now he’s got both kids at The Home Depot looking for lawn mower filters so that he can mow the lawn… BECAUSE SPRING IS HERE!!!!

I have a good man. And cute (almost healthy) kids. And a quiet house that is in a very comfortable state of disarray. And… It’s spring! The sunshine makes my soul sing happy!

Bless y’all!


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  1. My husband woke up this morning and took the dog to the vet, only to bring him back indefinitely. Then he left me with the dog and an extremely sick girl.

    What the heck happened to that movie last night?????

    BTW, my pediatrician is against Thamaflu (sp).

  2. I’m giddy as well. The world is my playground and life is so so so so good.


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