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My brave boy… a jumble of thoughts in real time.

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**A post in which I use many, many words to catalogue the uneventful hours I spent waiting at home, while Leo and Simeon were at the ER. Feel free to abandon the reading of this post at any time, it ends well enough.**

Simeon has had a fever for two days. He spiked to 104 about 4 hours ago and it won’t go down, so he and Leo are on their way to the ER. It’s 9:30, they just got there.

This is the hospital in which I spent much of my childhood. It’s nicer now, the ER is new and they have a children’s ER. Something they did not have when I was there. I know that hospital like I know the home I grew up in. I trust them.

I’m waiting for Ophelia to go to sleep, she won’t sleep unless someone’s in the room.The other night she screamed, yelled, jumped up and down and near rocked her crib over for 2 hours straight. Seriously?!

I’m a mess. A red hot, mama snot, cryin’ in the dark mess.

Simeon is such a good patient. Whenever I asked him how he was doing he said with as much cheer as he could muster: “I good!”

At one point, Leo suited up and held our boy in a cool bath. Simeon cried his broken heart out, while Leo held his shivering body against his own. It was heart breaking and beautiful. I’m always surprised by how much more I can find myself falling in love with my husband. Tonight was one of those moments.

I know the Lord is with him. I know Leo is his personal hero and who better to have with you in a time of need than a superhero. I packed a bag to the brim with his blanket and bear and books and juice and mama love… still, it’s not me.

Ophelia needs us too. Simeon is being cared for by the one person in the world I trust the most. I can do this…

Just got a text, they’re checked in. The receptionist took his temp and it was 99.9. Was I crazy? Did my manic prayers work? Will they still treat him with the same care as if it were higher?

Leo texted-yup, I say texted- he’s less than 28lbs, at 3 years old. So tiny. Too tiny to be so sick. Maybe he’ll be an Olympic gymnast. Or a jockey, those guys make big bucks. Ophelia is still not asleep. She’s saying “uh oh” over and over and over again.

Text: True to his personality, he has charmed the staff.

They just took his temp. This time it was over 104. Perhaps the first girl did it wrong. At least we’re not crazy, paranoid parents. Leo said Simeon was a little scared, but very brave. He’s such a brave boy. Heal him, Lord.

Ophelia is not asleep. For the love!!!

Strep, or the flu… we’re waiting on the test. I kinda feel like a big baby for all my blubbering.

Ophelia… still awake. She’s almost asleep, but making this strange chewbacca sound in the back of her throat. Why?

Not strep throat. Strep throat was an easy answer… neurotic questions run amuck, again!

Still waiting on the Dr. to make last visit, then they come home. They got his temp down to 103…  Somehow this isn’t terribly comforting. Ophelia finally asleep, thank the Lord!

They’re on their way home. It’s the flu, though his only symptom for two days was a fever. Strange.

Now I pray that the rest of us stay healthy… I can’t go through that again with our baby girl.

Goodnight (or, should I say good morning?)


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