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Whenever new kids come, some one of us gets sick. It’s all the new germs, the lack of sleep and our defenses down. This time it’s Leo who has the beginnings of a cold and Simeon who is feverish. Poor boy. He’s usually an uncontrollable whir of energy, bu today, he begged me to let him take a little nap. He didn’t even want to read a story. Now he’s heavy breathing in front of a Thomas movie and holding his pedialite to his cheeks.

Ophelia, who came with a runny nose and rib rattle, is markedly improved. She also has this shrill scream that could make your ears bleed. I don’t know why she does it. She doesn’t do it when she’s sad, mad, angry or particularly happy. I think she just likes to watch us jump. Girl’s a little wacky that way. I like her.


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  1. It takes crazy to know crazy. I’m speaking from my own experience. I know my kids are wacky because of me.

    You, my dear. Have some soup. Perhaps some ear plugs. And, much love…


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